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ICO Sparks is a reliable and transparent rating platform that offers detailed insight and connects ICO experts, investors, ICO owners and ICO enthusiasts.

We aim to help all the people in the ICO world through all the processes and save them time and energy by offering them all they need in one place. Our ICO experts teamed together as ICO Sparks and built this free rating platform that connects ICO experts, investors, ICO owners and all other people that want to be part of the ICO world. With ICO Sparks, each link of the chain gets what they need, and their success is guaranteed. Our mission is to help you spark among the others and boost your business.

ICO Sparks is not just a listing platform:

It is the place where perfect matches happen and each link of the chain achieves their goal. We make sure you will find every necessary, yet impressive resource to achieve your goal, no matter if you are an ICO project owner, an investor, an expert or just want to get in the world of ICOs.
We make sure our listings are up to date by updating them once a week and constantly maintaining them.
Our listings are verified and approved and they are regularly audited and reviewed based on our own guidelines and common practice . We won’t let you be fooled by anyone. If there’s any possible scam, you will be alerted, don’t worry.

Our transparent listing platform and our team of professionals foster different fundraising mechanism which benefits each link of the chain.
What is left for you to do?
Not much! We have just saved you a lot of time and effort!

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ICO Sparks proudly states that 99.9% of the ICO projects we have m atched and supported are successful due to the professional help we offer and the guarantee for a perfect match! The number of unsuccessful projects is negligible and we are constantly working on polishing things and reducing the number of unsuccessful projects as much as possible.


ICO Sparks is a transparent service, providing project makers and investors with information about their interests.


ICO Sparks DOES NOT receive any financial support to display information.

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All information provided by ICO Sparks is maintained and updated by the owners of the content.

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